samedi 25 juillet 2015

The Controversial post

So a couple of weeks ago I ordered 2 bags online and these items are some that i have been wanting for quite some time, but here is the issue , I ordered 2 FAKE Givenchy bags : the  Antigonia and the Obsedia.

So as far as the shipping goes, it did take about 2 weeks to come, and the shipping was free, they were in neat condition and they look really good for fake Givenchy bags , I mean I am very impressed for the price I paid.

 For the Antigonia I paid about 65 $ Canadian , and for the Obsedia  I paid a little bit more , 234$  ( I know it seems a lot but keep in mind that I really felt in love whit this model ).

Review of

  The fake Antigonia medium sugar goatskin satchel bag :

- The outside of the bag:

Positive aspects:

A bit of technical stuff: so mine is black and has a kinda rough texture on the leather all though, I don't think its leather. With gold hardware , So as far as the exterior , it is very similar to the original one I think from what i have seen in pictures online. It is also pretty sturdy all though I only received it a couple of days ago. As far as the feeling and look of the bag from outside it does not feel cheap . And the hardware is pretty good as fare as the feel  and quality .

Negative aspects:

The way they packed this , was crap because it came in a plastic envelope kinda bag so my purse was folded in 2 so it left a mark or dent in the back side of the bag and the shape at first was not his original shape but i think that it will fix it self with time . 

Another down side, is that in pics the real one looks more rigid in the sense that it keeps its shape form no matter what. This one too, but the material looks a little bit more soft less rigid i guess .... i hope this make sense .

- The inside :

So as far as what i have seen from pics online the inside looks very similar i mean its your basic black lining with a couple of pockets thats all really.

 Smooth leather Obsedia bag:

-The outside of the bag: 

Positive aspects:

 From what i have seen online this bags looks identical to the real one i don't think someone can say its a fake one . On the side it has the Givenchy logo dented in the leather or more like pleather.  The hardware is amazing its very sturdy and this one is silver whit a hint of gold.  And the pleather is like a plastic feel shiny thingy but identical to the original one in the pics.

   -The inside of the bag  :

   In the inside there s again the logo of the brand dented in the bag and again it is very basic inside.

Negative aspects:

As for now i don't find a downside to this purse, even the way it came it was very well pack so that it was not damage.

Controversy :  Now for the controversy , OK , first of all i am not really the type of person that purchases expensive things and that actually care if something is a brand name or not, i am more the type to by something that i like for the style, and i always look for bargains, i mean lets be real here , who has 2000$ to put in a purse i don't . I would love to be able to afford one but that's not the case for now so for the time being i am very very very content . And when i say its a controversy its because  I don't see any one on youtube, bloggers, or else talk about it but i am sure in this world plenty of people have purchase fake items not just bags ! But here is the thing why don't they talk about, are they ashamed well i cant answer for them but on my part I am fine with it lets embrace the fake gorgeous bags that these are and lets hope that more people will say hay i have a fake one to .

****: My final verdict i love both these bag but i have to say that as far as the way the saler sent it, the Obsedia was way better tinking care of but it was way more expensive so....

So what do you guys think is it wrong to buy a fake items or is it OK or you just don't give a f%#@.???

info: I bought them bout online on

        Antigonia : the seller calls it ( Givenchy Litchi Boston Antigona Bag Locomotive Handbag ) I actually don't     
        know if its the rite name for it. and the seller is loveshopping8888 (3918)
        Obsedia : the seller calls it ( Givenchy Obsedia Original Leather Shoulder Bag Black ) again not sure if the 
        name is correct . And the seller is alina2009 (1939)


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